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There are always “experts” on the net who give tips on how to increase the performance of a smartphone. Unfortunately, these experts forget that the operating systems often optimize themselves much better than if you do it by hand. This is especially the case for smartphone operating systems.

On the contrary, tips can make the performance of a smartphone worse. For example, there is a list of tips to speed up a mobile phone:

  1. Delete or swap data in mobile phone memory regularly
  2. Close useless programs in the background
  3. Uninstall or hide unnecessary apps
  4. Use Cleaner Apps
  5. Reset Smartphone completely

Now the true consequences of this “optimization”:

  1. Don’t touch the cell phone memory! This is very well managed by the operating systems themselves. Under iOS already for a long time, Android catches up here clearly. Temporary files should also not be deleted, unless you want to free up storage space.
  2. It is best not to close the applications in the background. If the apps in the background no longer have anything to do, the operating system will put them into a sleep state that does not affect the performance of the phone. Deleting the apps in the background will drain the battery of the smartphone, as the (re)start of an app is more energy-intensive.
  3. Of course you can delete apps you don’t need anymore any time. But this has no influence on the speed of the mobile phone.
  4. Cleaner apps are virus infected and data collectors and should not be used under any circumstances. Not for any operating system. Also not for desktop computers.
  5. A complete reset of a mobile phone allows you to reconfigure it because it has been reset to factory settings. I think the tipster wanted to promote a “hard reset”. This means a forced restart. If you are looking for “Hard Reset” together with your mobile phone model, you will surely find instructions on how to do this with your mobile phone.


In many cases it is better not to try to increase the speed of your mobile phone with any tricks or additional apps. These programs can’t change the hardware.

Only a hard reset can help if an app has stuck up or you have the impression that the phone is not running smoothly. Sometimes it also helps (no joke) to simply connect the phone to the power supply and not switch it on for approx. 30 minutes. Then there are a lot of background optimizations that the user usually doesn’t notice.

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