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We looked for alternatives to Apple’s mail program because we wanted to have two mail programs running on one computer that were configured for different users without setting up multiple users on the Mac. As a private user, imap is now the usual protocol, so that we hardly worry about the synchronization between the end devices.



Thunderbird has been on the market for many years and is still the free alternative to Aplle’s own mail program.

Thunderbird is a very classic mail client, which offers the functions in known extent.

Thunderbird is not available in the App Store and not for iOS either.


Spark is based on the principle that it is available for free in the basic version and that there is a premium version as a subscription supplement with an extended range of functions.

Spark can be fully integrated into the Apple structure and installed both via the homepage and the Apple Store. The program is also available as iOS version.

The program can be upgraded with an intelligent mailbox and in the cooperation of different users. For normal mailers these functions will certainly be more confusing than useful. In smaller teams, however, the program can show its strength.

Airmail 3

Is a paid program and is currently offered at the Apple Store at 10.99 euros. It advertises with a slim design, but mixes the incoming mails if there are several mail accounts, which is bad for the overview.

It is rather applicable as a lean application for single users.


Postbox is a rather expensive alternative to the mail client of MacOS (cost 40 $), but offers only little more. On the contrary, the design is based on the Apple App, so that the advantages are not directly obvious here.


Polymail is even more expensive. A mail client designed for use with multiple users. With 10 $ per month and user no cheap undertaking, even for smaller teams. Therefore several project management functions are integrated, which makes the program certainly uninteresting for the private single user.


Microsoft Outlook often appears on the home computer as a “waste product” within the office package. If you use MS Office on your computer anyway, you certainly won’t do anything wrong with Outlook.

With prepaid subscription packages, the price for an Office package can be significantly reduced. Especially when Amazon starts a price campaign, an interesting offer can hide in the lightning actions. For example, we recently extended the Microsoft subscription for 35 euros.

A Microsoft only for Outlook subscription is then not worthwhile.

Translated with


An e-mail client in a subscription model? Can it work? No, it can’t. Even if you can still take out a subscription on the homepage, the end of the mailing service is in sight.


A short word at the end to the synchronization. Some providers advertise a synchronization of mails across different operating systems. Since the IMAP mail standard has become established in the meantime, this is a rather uninteresting argument. Nowadays, mails are also processed by private users directly on the servers and no longer have to be synchronized on the softwares side.


The private user, who doesn’t want to use Apple’s own mail app in macOS, can use the proven Thunderbird or Spark. Airmail is certainly also an alternative and affordable. All other apps are rather unsuitable due to their price model and application area.


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